Thousands of strap hangers in New York City rose to the challenge to participate in an international day of silliness by riding a New York City subway in their underpants, despite the really frigid temperature.  I was one of them.

I did it for the uncommon adventure. I did it to meet new people. I did it to live in the moment with abandon. I did it for the joy of accomplishment. I did it because I’ve done it before and it made me think, "I am capable of even bigger things."

Afterwards, the “no panters" danced, took photos and networked. We were a very diverse group who were more alike than different because of our common goal set by the organizers, Improv Everywhere.

How and when will you step out of your comfort zone this year?

Photo: With Kalan Sherrard, Artist @enormousface at the 14th Street subway station following a trip on the L train.